I truly ❤ and thank god for my family and would never trade it for the world !! #reunion #tanfamily #dennisyin #family #malacca

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Malaysia’s flag, high and mighty. I can finally say, we did it. We represent Malaysia till the end. Sekian Terima Kasih ❤ #elecoldxhot #ecxtovegas #dennisyin #hhi #worldchampionship

#Elecoldxhot just murdered the scene!! check the aftermath.. Home Town Steamboat, at Sri Petaling next to Mazda Showroom. The prawn is super fresh! The Cheese is OHEMMGEE! #imahappyboy #eattolive #livetoeat (at Hometown Steamboat Sri Petaling)

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You must be you, and always do you.
That one person will come and love you for you.
Never ever be someone else but you.
So learn to love yourself, and they will come to love you.
July 18th, 2013
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Note to self :

Have FAITH in whatever you wish for.. No matter how hard, no matter how far. It’s just a matter of time, effort, and dedication before you achieve all that you want..

Have faith. Any bumps or fall on your path to success is just a test of your persistence and how bad you want that something.

For whatever it may be, have clear conscience and the right mindset, and it will be what it is meant to be.

"Do it with all your heart, soul, and mind,
and someday, you will find,
that everything you wish for will turn in kind,
because all it needs is faith, hard work, dedication, and some time.”

July 10th, 2013 .


Image flatters the faces you see,
Yet not everytime the faces you see are the faces to be.
Changes indeed are changes that were meant to be,
But always beware of the images that you will see.

Faces of people vary from time to time,
Almost as if being true is a horrible crime.
Never knew many would twilight into a fox on every moonshine,
Finding a friend at present time is like finding gold in a coal mine.

Dennis Yin
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"Times like these, is when I must put my mind at ease.
I can’t see if all my emotions are unreleased.
Hills and trees on mountains on seas
Let things be things but hold on to what I believe.

Stones on the river bed are stones unseen.
Hidden beneath a blanket filled with sins.
Singer sing a song with pointless means,
People will be keen to know what it really mean……
Eventho it doesn’t necessarily mean a thing.”


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The most sweet couple in da world~ damn envy~ who wanna sweet with me >.< @eelnnamay @kurisucrs

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